Eventi Passati

Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2022-07-20
Open Summer Day 2022-07-14
Laurea in Fisica 2022-07-14
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2022-06-30
Laurea in Fisica 2022-06-23
Quantum Machine Learning Approaches and perspectives in the NISQ era 2022-06-16
High-precision measurement of the W boson mass with the CDF II detector 2022-06-16
Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2022-06-08
Disseso idrogeologico in Liguria, tra impatto antropico e cambiamento climatico 2022-06-07
Laurea in Scienza dei materiali 2022-06-06
Super-absorption in a quantum organic battery 2022-05-31
Presentazione Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2022-05-31
Presentazione Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2022-05-30
New avenues of QFT in curved spacetime 2022-05-26
Learning Gravity from Cosmological Observations 2022-05-25
Open Day di Ateneo 2022-05-20
Search for Majorana neutrinos exploiting millikelvin cryogenics with CUORE 2022-05-19
The Rise of Environmentally Friendly Electronics 2022-05-18
Preparation and Characterization of Holmium Sources for the HOLMES Experiment 2022-05-12
MIxed QCD-electroweak corrections to Drell-Yan production 2022-05-12
Collinear functions for QCD resummations 2022-05-05
Simulating the exotic behaviour of water in artificial and biological nanopores 2022-05-03
Quark-Gluon Plasma at the LHC: studying the extreme state of QCD with heavy-ion collisions 2022-04-28
Theory of pinned viscoelastic hydrodynamics 2022-04-21
Effective science communication: Tools and best practices for any audience 2022-04-21
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2022-04-21
Prethermal discrete time-crystals in dipolar spin systems 2022-04-13
Properties of heavy mesons in a hot medium within a thermal effective theory 2022-04-11
Quantum Information and AdS/CFT 2022-04-07
Cluster-Surface Interaction Workshop 2022 2022-04-01
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2022-03-30
Topological Quantum Matter: theory and applications 2022-03-28
The critical $O(N)$ CFT 2022-03-24
Laurea in Fisica 2022-03-24
Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2022-03-23
Assessments strategies that promote engaged learning in STEM 2022-03-17
Increasing the precision of the QCD coupling around the tau mass scale 2022-03-14
Astrometric techniques for the calibration of the ASTRI Cherenkov telescope 2022-03-10
Measurement of the W boson mass at LHCb 2022-03-03
Open Day 2022-02-17
Laurea in Fisica 2022-02-17
Open Day 2022-02-15
Open Day 2022-02-11
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2022-02-10
Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2022-02-09
Applications of nanocarbon materials in solar cells and nanofluidics 2022-01-26
Laurea in Fisica 2022-01-13
Workshop di fotografia scientifica con il fotografo Enrico Sacchetti 2021-12-20
Giornata nazionale dello spazio 2021, dalla Lanterna allo spazio: il contributo genovese nello studio del nostro universo 2021-12-16
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2021-12-15
The ATLAS beauty 2021-12-02
Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2021-12-01
The X17 anomaly: status and prospects 2021-11-25
Small but mighty: hunting for extreme white dwarfs 2021-11-24
Innovative technologies for AeroSpace applications 2021-11-18
A Finite S-matrix 2021-11-17
Recent jet measurements on ALICE 2021-11-11
Majorana – un genio controcorrente 2021-11-06
Exact solutions to Einstein’s field equation coupled to dust 2021-11-04
Laurea in Fisica 2021-11-04
Axion dark matter with low-scale inflation 2021-10-28
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2021-10-28
Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2021-10-27
Current-induced phenomena in Ca2RuO4: The challenge of overcoming Joule heating 2021-10-26
The yin and yang of hydrophilic and hydrophobic forces in nanomaterials and cellular biology 2021-10-25
Non-perturbative effects and resurgence in Jackiw–Teitelboim gravity at finite cutoff 2021-10-21
Black-Hole Scattering, Eikonal Exponentiation and Gravitational Waves 2021-10-14
Laurea in Fisica 2021-10-07
Conformal Colliders Meet the LHC 2021-10-06
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2021-09-30
European Researchers' Night 2021 2021-09-24
Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2021-09-22
Laurea in Fisica 2021-07-22
Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2021-07-21
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2021-07-20
Open Summer Day 2021-07-14
Laurea in Fisica 2021-07-01
Quantum simulations and computations for Lattice Gauge Theories 2021-06-23
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2021-06-17
TOTEM and D0: the observation of the Odderon 2021-06-16
Present and future of multi-messenger transient astronomy 2021-06-15
Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2021-06-09
Gli esperimenti WA82 e WA92: un’eredità di silicio 2021-06-09
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2021-06-04
Towards optimal single-photon sources for quantum technologies 2021-06-03
Clock model and parafermions in Rashba nanowires 2021-05-28
Manipulating quantum materials with light: from strong fields to single photons in a cavity 2021-05-27
IBM Quantum Experience - D2 2021-05-27
Manipulating quantum materials with light: from strong fields to single photons in a cavity 2021-05-27
IBM Quantum Experience - D1 2021-05-26
Semiclassical gravity and evaporation of dynamical black holes sourced by the quantum trace anomaly 2021-05-26
Fluid Transport at nano and molecular scale 2021-05-20
Majorana bound states and their non-Abelian nature 2021-05-19
The legacy of HL-LHC for the Standard Model EFT 2021-05-19
Quantum screening effects in driven mesoscopic conductors 2021-05-14
Towards the DarkSide-20k experiment 2021-05-13
Turbulent hydrodynamics in strongly correlated Kagome materials 2021-05-12
Many-body physics with trapped Rydberg ion quantum simulators 2021-05-07
Astrofisica delle alte energie: i telescopi Cherenkov e la loro scienza 2021-05-06
Holographic correlators in AdS_3 2021-05-05
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2021-05-03
Broken translation invariance for fluids in external magnetic fields 2021-04-28
Measuring the muon magnetic anomaly with the Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab 2021-04-27
La velocità della luce e la relatività galileiana 2021-04-22
Low mass Drell-Yan measurement in p-p collision at √s = 13 TeV using the ATLAS detector at the LHC 2021-04-21
The puzzling behavior of pentaquarks and tetraquarks 2021-04-14
New ideas for a precision measurement of the W boson mass 2021-04-07
Entanglement dynamics in 1+1 dimensional quantum system: the example of the Ising spin chain 2021-03-31
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2021-03-29
Laurea in Fisica 2021-03-25
Neyman-Pearson inspired machine learning models for new physics searches 2021-03-24
Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2021-03-24
Le superfici: un affascinante nanomondo a due dimensioni 2021-03-17
Jet and grooming algorithms at the future Electron-Ion Collider 2021-03-17
Vedere e disegnare con gli atomi 2021-03-16
The relevance of Irrelevant Perturbations 2021-03-10
Il mondo delle particelle elementari: dall’elettrone al bosone di Higgs e.. oltre 2021-03-09
Stars in disguise at the center of our Galaxy 2021-03-08
Think harder, think deeper: new ideas in jet physics 2021-03-03
ECHO: un incontro tra le profondità dello Spazio e gli abissi del mare 2021-02-18
Laurea in Fisica 2021-02-18
The interaction of (bio)molecules with gold nanoparticles and surfaces: insights from multiscale simulations 2021-02-16
Laurea in Scienza dei Materiali 2021-02-11
Laurea Magistrale in Fisica 2021-02-10
Le forme delle particelle elementari 2021-02-02
Laurea in Fisica 2021-01-14
Time meets super-resolution towards live-cell imaging at the nanoscale 2021-01-12
Constraining the Minimal Dirac Gaugino Model Abstract 2020-12-16
Non-Fierz-Pauli Massive Gravity 2020-12-09
Laurea Magistrale 2020-12-02
Hydrodynamic electron transport 2020-12-02
L'esperimento LUNA fa luce sulla densità della materia barionica 2020-12-01
Schwinger effect in superconductors 2020-11-25
Threshold resummation in rapidity distribution of a colourless particle production at the LHC 2020-11-18
POKER: POsitron resonant annihilation into darK mattER 2020-11-13
The partonic structure of the electron 2020-11-11
Laurea 2020-11-05
Machine Learning for BSM searches: A New Perspective 2020-11-04
Laurea Magistrale 2020-10-28
Laurea 2020-10-08
Laurea Magistrale 2020-09-23
Laurea 2020-07-23
Laurea Magistrale 2020-07-22
Laurea 2020-07-02
Laurea Magistrale 2020-06-10
The Hidden Geometry of Particle Collisions 2020-06-04
ANNULLATO - Colloquium in physics 2020-06-03
ANNULLATO - Seminario di Astrofisica 2020-05-26
Quantum Software on Real Quantum Computers 2020-05-21
ANNULLATO - Climate change: from basic principles to action 2020-05-14
ANNULLATO - The interaction of (bio)molecules with gold nanoparticles and surfaces: insights from multiscale simulations 2020-04-21
Laurea Magistrale 2020-04-16
Laurea 2020-03-26
ANNULLATO - The partonic structure of the electron 2020-02-26
ANNULLATO - Recent advances in thermoelectric thin films 2020-02-24
Laurea 2020-02-20
Appearance of hot spots in coated conductors 2020-02-17
Laurea Magistrale 2020-02-12
A life with quantum fields: Carlo Becchi turns 80 2020-02-04
Radiation and topology based quantum condensed matter devices. Get to know the (new) neighbors 2020-01-30
SNOLAB: Updates from Underground 2020-01-24
Nonlinear and non-local thermoelectricity in hybrid nano-systems 2020-01-21
Accelerators for the future - update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics 2020-01-21
Laurea 2020-01-16
Racconto di Natale sul tempo 2019-12-18
Lepton flavour violating decays into axion-like particles 2019-12-17
Magnetic 2D materials: recent progress and applications 2019-12-13
New materials for holographic hydrodynamics 2019-12-11
Thin film chemical analysis using ion beams: Risks and opportunities 2019-12-09
Particle Accelerators: Past, Present and Future 2019-12-04
Multi-differential resummation for the LHC 2019-12-04
La fisica degli spaghetti 2019-11-28
Laurea Magistrale 2019-11-27
Non-Hermitian Holography 2019-11-27
Higgsstrahlung at NNLL’+NNLO matched to parton shower in GENEVA 2019-11-20
Corso base di tecnologie del vuoto 2019-11-11
Double parton scattering in jet production processes at the LHC 2019-11-06
Laurea Magistrale 2019-10-30
The Holographic QCD Axion 2019-10-30
Welcome to the Flatland: oltre il grafene 2019-10-26
Laurea 2019-10-24
Liquid crystal polymers for microrobotics and tissues engineering 2019-10-24
Phases of 3d gauge theories 2019-10-23
Plan S: per l’accesso equo e sostenibile alla conoscenza 2019-10-23
Quello che gli occhi non vedono 2019-10-23
The quantum effective action, external sources and a new exact RG equation 2019-10-16
Giornata del Dottorato in Fisica e Nanoscienze 2019-10-14
Jets, TMDs and resummation 2019-10-09
Dai materiali polimerici al riciclo della plastica 2019-10-08
Laurea 2019-09-26
Laurea Magistrale 2019-09-25
From micro - to nano- structure materials : processes, properties and applications 2019-09-11
Inflation and the Higgs 2019-09-10
Search for light dark matter and new physics with NA64: new results and prospects 2019-09-03
Laurea 2019-07-25
Genova ricorda i 50 anni dall’allunaggio - 5° giorno 2019-07-20
Genova ricorda i 50 anni dall’allunaggio - 4° giorno 2019-07-19
Genova ricorda i 50 anni dall’allunaggio - 3° giorno 2019-07-18
Genova ricorda i 50 anni dall’allunaggio - 2° giorno 2019-07-17
Laurea Magistrale 2019-07-17
Genova ricorda i 50 anni dall’allunaggio - 1° giorno 2019-07-16
How to write great papers and get published 2019-07-16
Laurea 2019-07-04
Cerimonia di assegnazione premio di tesi di laurea magistrale intitolato a Maurizio Lo Vetere 2019-07-04
Condensed Krypton Source and inter-spectrometer Penning trap at the KATRIN experiment 2019-06-26
Designing matrix models for zeta functions 2019-06-14
A Floquet perspective on the robustness of Thouless pumping 2019-06-13
The Cherenkov Telescope Array: probing the extreme edge of the electromagnetic spectrum 2019-06-12
Holographic Charge Density Waves 2019-06-06
Laurea Magistrale 2019-06-05
Intelligenza Artificiale: problemi e prospettive 2019-06-04
An introduction to metal nanoparticles and nanoalloys 2019-06-04
Protein misfolding and amyloidosis XIII (Day 2) 2019-05-24
Protein misfolding and amyloidosis XIII (Day 1) 2019-05-23
Hot TOP(phys)ics 2019-05-13
Impact of small-x resummation on HERA data 2019-05-07
Hunting the Higgs boson at high energy using the ATLAS detector at the LHC 2019-04-30
Crystallization of coherent few-electron states in strongly interacting one-dimensional systems 2019-04-17
Topological properties of high-temperature QCD and axion cosmology 2019-04-16
Fisica, salute ed ambiente: la professione del fisico nel sistema sanitario nazionale e nelle agenzie di protezione ambientale 2019-04-11
Holographic correlators and the information paradox 2019-04-10
Higher-form global symmetries and applications in hydrodynamic limit of strongly interacting QFTs 2019-04-02
Dark Energy after GW170817 2019-03-26
Laurea Magistrale 2019-03-21
Laurea Triennale 2019-03-20
Can we learn about cold dense phases of matter from holography? 2019-03-19
The quest for dark sector 2019-03-13
Rethinking the QCD axion 2019-03-12
When space and time are not on the same footing - anisotropic scale invariance 2019-03-05
Top mass measurements and infrared renormalons 2019-02-26
Topology and quantum computation 2019-02-19
The PRAE Multidisciplinary Project at Orsay 2019-02-19
Laurea Magistrale 2019-02-14
Laurea Triennale 2019-02-13
Attosecond microscopy and control of matter down to the nucleus 2019-02-05
GR or not GR? Testing General Relativity through gravitational wave observations 2019-01-17
Final meeting project "OCAPIE" - Day 2 2019-01-15
Final meeting project "OCAPIE" - Day 1 2019-01-14
Laurea Triennale 2019-01-09
B anomalies: the PS3 solution 2018-12-19
Comprehensive measurement of pp-chain solar neutrinos with the Borexino experiment 2018-12-18
Some open issues in the realm of mesons up to 2.6 GeV 2018-12-17
Compact Binary Mergers in the First and Second Observing Runs of LIGO and Virgo 2018-12-11
Feynman diagrams and higher-genus surfaces 2018-12-05
The Higgsploding Universe 2018-11-28
Laurea Magistrale 2018-11-22
Generalized generating functional for mixed representation Green’s functions 2018-11-21
Thermomagnetic mechanism for self-cooling cables 2018-11-20
Anomalous transport properties in Weyl semimetals 2018-11-19
The Type III See-saw: model and updated constraints 2018-11-14
New perspectives for low temperature refrigeration with advanced magneto-caloric materials 2018-11-13
Interplay between Rashba spin-orbit coupling and magnetic field in the spin properties of nanowires 2018-11-08
Schwinger-Keldysh effective field theories 2018-11-07
Complex Solid-Liquid Intefaces at the Nanoscale 2018-10-31
Seminari generali INFN 2018-10-30
Workshop on High Accuracy Resummation and Parton Showers (HARPS meeting) 2018-10-29
Soft Drop for electron-positron collisions 2018-10-26
Laurea Magistrale 2018-10-25
Laurea Triennale 2018-10-24
Constraints on dark energy from the cosmological equation of state 2018-10-24
Progress in Hadron Spectroscopy 2018-10-23
Advancement in transient flow simulations: applications to measurements of porous media permeability and tube conductance 2018-10-22
Observation of the Higgs boson decay to bottom quarks: a journey into the quest, and prospects for the next challenges 2018-10-17
An optical view of extragalactic gamma-ray emitters: identification, classification and redshift. 2018-10-15
AperiDifi - Profondità cosmiche e profondità marine - Due estremi si incontrano 2018-10-11
Workshop on microactuators 2018-10-08
AperiDifi: Tecnologie quantistiche e fasi topologiche. Concetti innovativi in fisica teorica della materia 2018-10-04
AperiDifi: L'Universo invisibile. Neutrini, materia oscura ed energia oscura 2018-10-03
A global view on the Higgs self-coupling at future colliders 2018-10-03
Laurea Triennale 2018-09-26
Towards precision physics with jet substructure 2018-09-26
Hunting for planets with double sunsets: the case of HW Vir 2018-09-21
Accelerating Dark Matter 2018-09-13
Laurea Magistrale 2018-09-13
Quantum thermodynamics in strongly coupled quantum dots 2018-09-10
Festival dello spazio 2018-07-27
Laurea Triennale 2018-07-18
Laurea Magistrale 2018-07-12
Probing galaxy clusters with strong gravitational lensing 2018-07-12
Seminario Elsevier How to write great papers and get published 2018-07-11
PUMA: a portable trap project for antiprotons and short-lived nuclei 2018-07-10
Laurea Triennale 2018-07-04
The ATLAS Inner Tracker detector for the High-Luminsity LHC upgrade 2018-07-04
Photometric Studies of Small Bodies of the Solar System: Absolute Colors and Relative Phase Coefficients of trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs) and centaurs 2018-07-02
Le sfide intellettuali della Astrofisica Moderna 2018-06-29
The sterile neutrino: new experimental hints from the MiniBooNe experiment and the global analysis 2018-06-28
The TOTEM measurements at the LHC: a look deep inside the proton-proton interactions 2018-06-22
High sensitivity HERDA and ambient NRA for hydrogen observation 2018-06-21
Spectroscopy at Electron Ion Collider (EIC) 2018-06-20
Probing the Standard Model limits at the ATLAS experiment: highlights of W and Z bosons precision measurements 2018-06-15
Laurea Magistrale 2018-06-07
Hunting for Supersymmetry at the LHC - A Dive into Naturalness... And Beyond 2018-06-06
Completing the hydrodynamic description of bad metals from above and from below 2018-05-23
High Precision MeV Neutrino Physics via Inverse-Beta-Decay - and maybe Beyond? 2018-05-21
Biomimetic Complex Systems for Soft Actuation and Neural Computing 2018-05-10
Superconductivity without doping in iron-based 1111 family: the ThFeAsN case 2018-05-10
Seminari DIFI e INFN 2018-05-09
AperiDifi: Fisica della Materia 2018-05-08
Measuring the beauty of the Higgs boson at ATLAS 2018-05-04
Elettroni, fotoni e altre particelle: un viaggio nel mondo delle Particelle Fondamentali e delle Onde Gravitazionali 2018-05-03
Resummation of transverse observables in direct space 2018-05-02
Forward heavy quark production and the structure of the proton 2018-04-18
From B-physics anomalies to model building and direct searches 2018-04-11
Effective theory at the LHC 2018-04-04
On the Topic of Jets 2018-03-28
LHCb Masterclass 2018-03-27
How to design a Silicon tracking detector - Insights from the ITk upgrade for the ATLAS Detector at CERN 2018-03-26
3rd Nanoscopy 2nd Molecular Microscopy and Spectroscopy Retreat - Day 3 2018-03-23
Laurea Magistrale 2018-03-22
The SuperNEMO double beta decay detector status and radon emanation studies at the CPPM 2018-03-22
3rd Nanoscopy 2nd Molecular Microscopy and Spectroscopy Retreat - Day 2 2018-03-22
Laurea Triennale 2018-03-21
3rd Nanoscopy 2nd Molecular Microscopy and Spectroscopy Retreat - Day 1 2018-03-21
ATLAS Masterclass 2018-03-21
The Quest for exotic hadrons 2018-03-20
CMS Masterclass 2018-03-19
Exotics near thresholds and Hadron interactions in the heavy flavor sector 2018-03-16
From Proteins at Interfaces to Silica, passing through Membranes 2018-03-16
ATLAS Masterclass 2018-03-14
LHCb Masterclass 2018-03-09
Designer structure and morphology at the 2D level: from Xenes to anisotropic MoS2 nanosheets 2018-03-08
CERN Masterclass 2018-03-06
Biomimetic Complex Systems for Soft Actuation and Neural Computing 2018-03-01
Materiali e tecnologie termoelettriche: una soluzione alternativa per la generazione elettrica 2018-02-23
Laurea Magistrale 2018-02-15
Laurea Triennale 2018-02-14
Il Sole sottoterra 2018-02-13
The electron capture in 163Ho experiment - ECHo and discussion of the recent results 2018-02-07
Stage per le scuole 2018-02-05
Stage per le scuole 2018-02-01
Particle detectors for hadron physics and applications 2018-01-30
Stage per le scuole 2018-01-29
Investigation of Biocompatible Gold Supports by means of Reactive Molecular Simulations 2018-01-25
Laurea Triennale 2018-01-10
Characterisation of coupling properties and width of extra-fermions at the LHC 2017-12-21
Ballistic thermophoresis on graphene: a long journey 2017-12-19
Corso di perfezionamento - Diritto, economia e tecnologie per l’ambiente 2017-12-18
Discrimination of the spin of dark matter candidates at the LHC 2017-12-15
L’esperimento ATLAS a LHC e l'evidenza del decadimento del bosone di Higgs in coppie di quark beauty 2017-12-13
Students' Nobel Night + DEPRODUCERS in concerto 2017-12-09
Il Modello Standard e oltre 2017-12-06
Computational protocols to investigate nucleation and growth at hybrid systems interfaces 2017-12-06
Review of the most recent results on hadron spectroscopy from LHCb 2017-11-24
Laurea Magistrale 2017-11-23
KM3NeT: la nuova generazione di rivelatori sottomarini di neutrini 2017-11-22
Incontro Softeco 2017-11-21
Associated Production of a Top Pair and a Heavy Colorless Boson 2017-11-20
Field Theory Description of Topological States of Matter 2017-11-15
Modern Machine Learning with Jet Images for High Energy Physics 2017-11-10
Verifiche sperimentali del principio di equivalenza con sistemi quantistici 2017-11-09
Gli scienziati siamo noi! 2017-11-08
Seminari SPIN CNR 2017-11-02
A primer to High-resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy 2017-10-31
QCD at five loops and the R* operation 2017-10-30
Laurea Magistrale 2017-10-26
Laurea Triennale 2017-10-25
La fisica del bottomonio: stato dell’arte e prospettive per l’esperimento Belle2 2017-10-24
Contrasting SYK-like Models: RMT and Chaos 2017-10-23
Threshold resummation of rapidity distribution for Higgs production 2017-10-20
NStar: Searching for Mirror Neutron - Neutron Oscillations 2017-10-19
Le onde gravitazionali, i sussurri dell'universo 2017-10-17
Metadevices and metasurfaces for the control of THz light 2017-10-13
Quantifying theoretical uncertainties: the case of the inclusive Higgs cross section 2017-10-11
Monster University Tour - Fai i tuoi primi passi nel mondo del lavoro 2017-10-10
Laurea Triennale 2017-09-27
The Power of Perturbation Theory 2017-09-25
Laurea Magistrale 2017-09-14
Open day al Dipartimento di Fisica 2017-09-14
KM3NeT Steering Committee 2017-09-07
Laurea Triennale 2017-07-19
Plasmon excitations in quasi-one dimensional atomic wires 2017-07-19
Laurea Magistrale 2017-07-13
How to write great papers and get published 2017-07-12
Open day al Dipartimento di Fisica 2017-07-07
Laurea Triennale 2017-07-05
Heavy Exotic Conundrums 2017-06-28
First results from the current observation run of the LIGO-Virgo network of advanced gravitational waves detectors 2017-06-20
First Results from the XENON1T Dark Matter Experiment at LNGS 2017-06-13
Laurea Magistrale 2017-06-08
Effects of pairing correlations on two-neutron transfer reactions 2017-06-07
La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films for sensing applications 2017-05-31
Misure di fisica di altissima precisione: dal decadimento del muone alla massa del neutrino 2017-05-24
Near threshold J/ψ photoproduction and study of LHCb pentaquarks with CLAS 2017-05-22
Ricerca di nuova Fisica alla frontiera della alta intensità 2017-05-17
Tailoring nanostructures by supersonic cluster beam deposition and non-thermal laser ablation 2017-05-11
Studio delle proprietà del Sole e della Terra attraverso la rivelazione di neutrini con l'esperimento Borexino 2017-05-10
Rivelazione di particelle massive di materia oscura mediante l'esperimento DarkSide 2017-05-03
Design of nanocatalysts, the point of view of a physicist 2017-04-07
Laurea Magistrale 2017-03-23
Laurea Triennale 2017-03-22
Neutrinoless double beta decay searches with 76Ge 2017-02-28
Laurea Magistrale 2017-02-16
Laurea Triennale 2017-02-15
Supersymmetric Meson-Baryon Properties of QCD from Light-Front Holography and Superconformal Algebra 2017-02-08
On the optical absorption of intermediate band semiconducting nanoparticles 2017-02-07
Seminari generali INFN 2017-02-03
Laurea Triennale 2017-01-11
Exotic spectroscopy at LHC 2016-12-21
Looking inside jets 2016-12-20
Laurea Magistrale 2016-11-24
Exploring the transformation mechanisms of matter at the nanoscale with computer simulations 2016-11-21
It from Qutrit 2016-11-16
LUNA: the first and the next 25 years of nuclear astrophysics at Gran Sasso 2016-11-14
The quest for the Quark Gluon Plasma with ALICE 2016-10-31
Graphs: the power of pictures 2016-10-28
Laurea Magistrale 2016-10-27
Laurea Triennale 2016-10-26
Fisica e mercato del lavoro 2016-10-26
Ion Beam Analysis per lo studio dei materiali: sviluppi recenti e applicazioni 2016-10-10
Productions and decays of charmed baryons 2016-10-05
Laurea Triennale 2016-09-28
Neutrino Jets from High-Mass WR Gauge Bosons in TeV-Scale Left-Right Symmetric Models 2016-09-20
Laurea Magistrale 2016-09-15
Laurea Triennale 2016-07-20
Model-independent approaches for the analysis of scenarios with new fermions at the LHC 2016-07-20
Laurea Magistrale 2016-07-14
Towards an atomic scale technology: electronics mechanics with single molecules 2016-07-11
Laurea Triennale 2016-07-06
Getting antimatter out of dark matter 2016-07-01
Osservazioni di pianeti extrasolari 2016-06-30
Two days in Quantum Mechanics 2016-06-29
The birth of gravitational waves astronomy 2016-06-22
Self-assembly of Magnetic Nanomaterials: Design and Physical Properties 2016-06-13
Laurea Magistrale 2016-06-09
Supersymmetry between hope and despair 2016-06-08
40 years of quantum Markovian master equations 2016-05-27
Crystal growth and crystal chemistry of 2D-transition metal dichalcogenides 2016-05-24
Theory and application of electron vortex beams: from microscopy to basic science 2016-05-23
A closer look to the sgoldstino interpretation of the diphoton excess 2016-05-20
Particle Dark Matter: a Multimessenger Endeavor 2016-05-18
Sorgenti extragalattiche di neutrini di alta energia 2016-05-17
Onde Gravitazionali: la voce dell'universo 2016-05-17
Misfolding Proteico e Amiloidosi XI 2016-05-06
Coarse-grained modelling of large biomolecular systems 2016-04-27
Raman spectroscopy of carbon nanomaterials: from micro to the nanoscale 2016-04-22
Surface chemical reactions at epitaxial graphene and materials “beyond graphene” 2016-04-21
Transport properties of nanostructured graphene 2016-04-18
La ricerca ha bisogno di giovani 2016-03-30
Neutrino mass Hierarchy measurement with the ORCA detector 2016-03-23
Biophysical and biochemical characterization of exosomes 2016-03-18
The thermal Hall effect 2016-03-17
Evento congiunto DIFI - INFN 2016-03-10
Towards neutrino mass origin with Higgs decays at the LHC 2016-03-03
From thermal rectifiers to thermoelectric devices 2016-03-01
Enhanced Sampling to Investigate Protein Folding Dynamics and Kinetics in Neurodegenerative Rare Diseases 2016-02-22
Open Week 2016 2016-02-17
Open Week 2016 2016-02-16
Implementazione di metodologie attive nel corso Fisica di base 2016-02-15
LIGO/Virgo results from the first run of the Advanced gravitational waves detectors 2016-02-15
Molecular Perspectives into Self-Assembled Supramolecular Materials 2016-02-15
La giornata del fisico 2016-02-12
Towards a Simultaneous Explanation of the 750 GeV Diphoton Excess 2016-02-11
Open Week 2016 2016-02-11
Didattica partecipativa 2016-01-29
Nanostructured inks for advanced devices: from research to business 2016-01-22
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay: an open window to obtaining the neutrino mass 2016-01-21
Il colore del calore: Macedonio Melloni e l'infrarosso 2016-01-19
Segnali di luce dal vivente: dalla microscopia alla nanoscopia ottica 2016-01-12
Dark portals as tools for Dark Matter studies 2015-12-15
The 3D Structure of Nucleons 2015-12-11
Illuminando la via dei mattoni dell’Universo 2015-12-01
L‘albedo terrestre: una strategia alternativa per contrastarne la diminuzione 2015-11-25
Laurea Magistrale 2015-11-19
Luce aggrovigliata e non località 2015-11-18
Illuminare l'infinitamente piccolo cavalcando un'onda di elettroni 2015-11-10
Salone orientamenti 2015-11-03
Laurea Magistrale 2015-10-29
Laurea Triennale 2015-10-28
Transport phenomena in coupled nano-conductors 2015-10-22
Neutrino properties from cosmological observables after Planck 2015-10-22
Landau-Zener-Stückelberg-Majorana interferometry with double quantum dots 2015-10-21
Ettore Pancini: scienziato ma non solo 2015-10-15
Stelle, esopianeti e quasar sopra il cielo della Liguria 2015-10-13
Energia dal Sole: dagli specchi ustori al fotovoltaico 2015-10-07
70 anni fa un esperimento problematico diede inizio alla fisica delle alte energie 2015-10-06
Violation of the Wiedemann-Franz law in hydrodynamic electron liquids 2015-10-05
Specchi delle mie brame. Riflessioni (e rifrazioni) 2015-09-30
Flavour physics after LHC-1 2015-09-29
Laurea Triennale 2015-09-23
Laurea Magistrale 2015-09-10
Laurea Triennale 2015-07-22
Laurea Magistrale 2015-07-16
Crossroads: what can solar models teach us about particle physics (and viceversa)? 2015-07-08
Laurea Triennale 2015-07-01
High intensity, high precision electron beams, and dark matter 2015-06-29
14th European Conference on Organised Films 2015-06-29
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Laurea Magistrale 2015-06-09
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L'italia nel Sistema Solare: da Cassini a Dawn 2015-05-18
Misfolding Proteico e Amiloidosi X 2015-05-15
Is nature natural? 2015-05-14
Luce alla luce: il ruolo della scienza nel restauro delle opere d'arte 2015-05-13
Quantum simulation with ultracold atoms 2015-05-07
Luce e visione: dall’occhio al cervello 2015-05-06
The gamma-ray and neutrino sky: a new model of cosmic-ray diffusion 2015-04-23
10 mT MRI with Superconducting and Room Temperature Detection 2015-04-15
Three-terminal quantum-dot thermoelectrics 2015-04-15
Quantum Hall thermoelectrics 2015-04-13
Z4 parafermions in time-reversal invariant topological insulators 2015-04-10
Development of Bi-2212 wires for practical applications using groove-rolling as an alternative process 2015-04-10
Physics Opportunities at Future Colliders 2015-04-01
Line defects in N=2 QFT and framed BPS states 2015-03-31
Electrostatic and electrochemical tuning of transport properties in oxide-based FETs 2015-03-27
3D maps of the proton (in momentum space) 2015-03-26
Laurea Triennale 2015-03-25
Laurea Magistrale 2015-03-19
Viaggio al centro del Sole e l' altre stelle 2015-03-05
Underground nuclear astrophysics 2015-03-05
Cosmological constraints on the seesaw scale 2015-03-05
The search for leptonic CP violation 2015-03-03
Higgs pair production in the Standard Model and beyond 2015-02-24