Parity-odd terms in the trace anomaly of Weyl fermions: elusive or illusory?

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Dr. Sebastian Franchino-Vinas
Helmholtz-Institut Dresden-Rossendorf


There is an ongoing discussion regarding the presence of a parity-odd term in the trace anomaly of a quantum field theory consisting of a free Weyl fermion in curved spacetime. The term in question is proportional to the Pontryagin density, times an imaginary factor of dangerous astrophysical implications. In this talk, I will begin by recalling some generalities of (trace) anomalies. Afterwards, I will slowly get into the details, exposing the particularities that arise in the case of Weyl fermions. I will state the arguments provided by those who claim that the odd term does exist, as well as the replies by those of us who asseverate the opposite.

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Topic: Theory and Pheno seminars
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