International Summer School on Science Management for Scientists and Engineers – July 10-21 2017 at DiFi for PhD Students

The school aims at filling the gap between the scientific and technical preparation of students in science and engineering and their need to deal with the impact of their work on industry and market.
The School will give the students the skills to:

a) write a research project and expose and defend it in front of a jury;
b) understand how to transfer laboratory results to industry having in view the market needs and the necessity to form a workgroup;
c)  understand what is the intellectual property and how to protect it while collaborating with partners.

The lectures will be given in English by an international teaching staff.

New application deadline June 17th 2017


School Direction: Prof. Mario Rocca 

Via Dodecaneso 33
16146, Genova
Tel: +39 010 353 6267
Fax: +39 010 314 218