Physics of nanosystems

Understanding morphology and electronic, plasmonic, optical, vibrational and chemical properties  of  matter at the nanoscale is a necessary step to exploit them for a wide range of applications.

Following the long standing tradition of experimental surface science in our Department and thanks to a widespread link of national and international collaborations, state of the art research is undertaken.

The activity deals with the properties of nanostructures  of atoms and molecules using different growth methods (self-assembling, manipulation, soft and optical lithography, ion patterning) and characterized by Low Temperature and Variable Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Electron spectroscopies, Supersonic Molecular beams and Optical Methods. Promising applications are envisaged as well such  as scalable methods for the  synthesis of nanostructures, novel plasmonic materials and new catalysts with higher efficiency and selectivity.

Some of these research topics are performed in collaboration with the CNR institute IMEM and with ENEA.