The Bruker AFM Nanowizard IV (NW IV) is currently in operation at the DIFILab. The machine was chosen for its high performance in terms of resolution and for its extreme flexibility which allows for optimal coupling with optical and spectroscopic techniques.

The instrument is installed on an inverted microscope, offering an ideal configuration for studying biological samples, typically grown on transparent substrates.

The BioMat module allows correlating AFM measurements with optical/spectroscopic measurements acquired from an upright microscope, significantly increasing the ability to analyze non-transparent samples (e.g. nanostructured silicon, etc.).

The NW IV is the ideal tool for coupling with optical super-resolution techniques. The coupling between the NW IV and the Stellaris 8 microscope (Leica), also installed at DIFILAB, offers a system for correlative microscopy unique in performance. The NW IV-Stellaris 8 integrated system is accessible to researchers outside the University of Genoa within the European project MOSBRI (MOlecular-Scale Biophysics Research Infrastructure,