Bachelor in Material Science

The materials scientist is on the frontier of innovation

He is a multidisciplinary scientist: he has a bit of the chemist, a bit of the physicist and a bit of the engineer. And, like them, he works mainly in laboratories and computers, where he creates new materials.

Materials scientists are in great demand by companies and centres that produce innovation. This is because, given their training, they are able, for example, to create new electronic materials, to invent new plastics with unthinkable characteristics, such as absorbing heat, they can perfect paints for the restoration of monuments. Or they can create new fabrics (such as super-technological fabrics used in sport or space), develop substances useful for transporting medicines in the body or for building clean industrial plants.

They are also in great demand by companies as quality control, characterisation and certification of materials.

You won't be surprised, then, if we tell you that this is the degree that guarantees a quick entry into the world of work. Materials scientists are needed in all sectors of industrial production. Universities and public research institutions also need these new scientists.