Nanomed is research group operating in the field of Nanobiotechnologies. It gathers expertise in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics. This multidisciplinary approach is essential for the development of advanced Nanotechnologies for applications in Oncology and Biomedicine in general. In particular, the research at Nanomed Labs is active in the fields of imaging, high sensitivity biosensing, drug delivery, nanofabrication, design of lab-on-chips and micro/nanofluidic platforms.  All these activities can rely on a well-established experience in developing tools for the manipulation of cells and biomolecules, down to a single-cell and a single-molecule level.

Thanks to its advanced lab facilities, such as AFM, SEM-STEM-FIB, optical microscopy, deposition and functionalization systems, electrical measurement set-up, Nanomed can both implement complex micro/nanostructures and characterize chemical and physical properties of surfaces and (bio)materials.