Biophysics is the field of science that uses physics and chemistry principles, mathematical methods and computational modelling to study how biological systems work.

It tries to explain biological functions in terms of the structure and physical properties of biological systems. The biological world is extremely complex, endowed with extremely refined and precise mechanisms. Biologic matter is a demonstration of physics and chemistry principles, in systems of extraordinary complexity. Life results from a fine balance of order, organization and complexity. Today many instruments are available to study these phenomena in detail.

Biophysics has recorded huge successes in last 50 years in different fields including neuroscience, genetics, molecular biology. (proteins and nucleic acids) and recent developments in nano-bio-technology.

Themes which are studied in the Biophysics Laboratory of the University of Genoa

Three-dimensional structure of the proteins

  • Bio-organic nanostructures
  • Sinaptic transmission and ion channels
  • Protein misfolding and amiloidogenic diseases.
  • Nanoscale Biophyiscs/Nanoscopy