Scientific research

Physics deals with the world around us: from the great phenomena of the Universe, to the smallest elementary particles that have given shape to the Universe itself; from atoms to the new materials that will change tomorrow's life. The research at the Physics Department of Genoa is aimed both at understanding the fundamental phenomena of nature and the cosmos and at transferring and disseminating the knowledge acquired to the most diverse sectors of the world of work, health and society. About sixty professors and researchers and more than fifty PhD students and research fellows are active in the fields:

Scientific activities and production

Every year DIFI produces more than 1500 scientific publications, its researchers participate in more than 100 international scientific conferences and take part in dozens of national and international research projects.


The scientific results of DIFI are the result of the teamwork of undergraduate students, PhD students, post-doc researchers and the entire staff of the Department. DIFI has very close collaborations with INFN, CNR, ASI research institutions, with whom it shares spaces, staff and resources. DIFI hosts in its spaces the Genoa Section of INFN, and CNR sections of SPIN and IMEM institutes.

Many activities of DIFI researchers take place at international laboratories such as CERN in Geneva, the Gran Sasso National Laboratories, ESRF in Grenoble and DESY in Hamburg.

Other projects