Nanolithography in DIFILab

DIFILab  hosts a nanofabrication research activity focused on the high-resolution lithography enabled by the novel NanoFrazor instrument.

nanofrazor scholar
NanoFrazor system (Heidelbergh Instruments)

The Nanofrazor is the first commercial instrument that allows direct surface nanostructucturing, even in three dimensions, via thermal-Scanning Probe Lithography. A nanoscale semiconductor tip is heated up in a controlled way to induce local nanopatterning of a thermo-sensitive material (Fig. 2a, b), also acting as a probe for in-situ imaging of the surface at the nanoscale.

This nanolithography has a strong potential in nanotechnology with impact in optoelectronics, nanophotonics, quantum technologies and biosensing.

Sketch della punta del NanoFrazor e immagine di una nanolitografia di film polimerico realizzata con tramite ‘thermal -Scanning Probe Lithography’ (t-SPL)
a, b) Sketch of the NanoFrazor tip and image of a thermal -Scanning Probe Lithography (t-SPL) of a thin polymer film


[1] Giordano, M.C., et al. "Deterministic Thermal Sculpting of Large‐Scale 2D Semiconductor Nanocircuits." Advanced Materials Interfaces 10, 5, 2201408 (2023).

Deterministic Thermal Sculpting of Large‐Scale 2D Semiconductor Nanocircuits.

[2] Ramò, L., et al. “Thermal Scanning-Probe Lithography for Broad-Band On-Demand Plasmonic Nanostructures on Transparent Substrates” ACS Applied Nano Materials (2023).

Thermal Scanning-Probe Lithography


G. Zambito (Physics Department, University of Genova) has been selected as one of the winners of the Heidelberg Instruments Application Image Competition 2022/2023 on Advanced Nano- and Microfabrication (3rd prize, unique prize with a NanoFrazor application).

link to the video 'Fabricating Semiconductor MoS2 Nano-Circuits'