Superconductivity and magnetism

Materials, properties and applications

The recent discovery of novel superconducting materials is going to offer new challenges in the understanding of the mechanisms, the development of new preparation techniques and the exploring of potential in view of applications. On the other hand, the reduced dimensionality of nanostructured materials and films may introduced novel physical properties not present in the bulk form and relevant in fields as spintronics and high density data storage.

The activities carried on at the DIFI also in collaboration with the Genoa Unit of CNR-SPIN and INFN cover the following aspects: 

  • The synthesis of superconducting materials in form of bulks, single crystals, thin films and multilayers and the experimental investigation of superconducting and normal state properties;
  • The development of wires and cables for power applications and of high sensitivity devices for measurements in nuclear physics and astrophysics;
  • The investigation of magnetic properties on samples grown in UHV conditions with magnetic analysis performed in-situ.