Materials growth and fabrication

The Kenosistec evaporator system is in operation at DIFILab for all users. The system is made up of a cylindrical process chamber equipped with:

  • Two magnetrons with 2” targets for sputter deposition
  • An e-beam evaporation (rotating carousel with up to 4 crucibles).
  • Ion sputtering gun for etching of the samples.
  • Heating stage up to 800 °C.
  • Gas inlets for Argon and Nitrogen or Oxygen.
Sistema deposizione Kenosistec
Kenosistec evaporator system

Sample fabrication processes can make use also of:

  • a plasma cleaner/etcher Gambetti Falcon, which can provide both oxygen plasma for samples cleaning and argon or SF6 plasma for etching.
  • a chemical hood, equipped with a spin-coater, a hot-plate, a microbalance, and an ultrasonic bath.
Gambetti Falcon Plasma etcher/cleaner
Gambetti Falcon Plasma etcher/cleaner