Physics History

The two lines of research currently underway, and carried out in collaboration with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and the Enrico Fermi Centre in Rome, concern:

  1. Birth and development of nuclear physics in Italy in the 1930s, with particular reference to the research of Enrico Fermi (theory of beta decay, neutron-induced radioactivity and the effect of their slowing down) and Ettore Majorana (proton-neutron nuclear model, Majorana neutrino).
  2. Birth and development of cosmic ray physics in Italy, from Domenico Pacini's pioneering studies (first clues of a penetrating radiation from above) to the works of Bruno Rossi, Giuseppe Occhialini and Gilberto Bernardini on the nature of cosmic radiation.
Page of Enrico Fermi's diary
Page 19 of Enrico Fermi's first laboratory notebook where the discovery of radioactivity induced on Aluminium by neutron bombardment is documented (Biblioteca dell'Istituto Tecnico "Oscar D'Agostino", Avellino).