PhD course in Physics and Nanosciences

The PhD course in Physics and Nanosciences offers opportunities for state-of-the-art research and high-level training in various fields of physics, both from experimental and a theoretical points of view. These research fields include the physics of fundamental interactions, condensed matter physics, biophysics, and astrophysics.

The Doctorate in Physics and Nanosciences is currently coordinated by Prof. Riccardo Ferrando ( and is divided into three curricula

  • Physics
  • Bio-Nanosciences
  • Applied Superconductivity

The research carried out in the framework of the Doctorate is in many cases in collaboration with Italian Research Institutes (INFN, CNR, IIT, INAF).  Many international colaborations are also active.

For more information on research activities visit the dedicated section

List of candidates admitted to the oral examinations for the PhD in Physics and Nanoscience

Oral examination for Physics

The oral examination for the Physics CV will take place using the Microsoft Teams platform starting from 8.30 AM on Tuesday July, 7. The candidates will be invited to join the session either by direct invitation on the platform (for those who are in the University of Genoa chain) or by receiving via email a link to that platform. Candidates who can not use the Microsoft Teams platform are kindly requested to contact providing their Skype address by Monday morning.

The time schedule of the examination will be communicated on Tuesday July, 7 at 8.30 AM at the beginning of the session. All candidates are requested to be present at that time.

We expect each candidate to prepare a speech (about 12 minutes long) describing their master thesis work and their PhD project. Slides or graphic table will not be allowed. If needed, the candidates could use a blackboard or paper together with a webcam.

Candidates must provide a valid ID document at the beginning of the oral examination.

Ranking of the interviews for the PhD in Physics and Nanosciences