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Luca Vattuone


  • Coordinatore di Corso di studio
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After graduating with honour in Physics in Genoa University (1990) Luca Vattuone got  Ph. D. in Physics (1994) working on the sticking probability of O2 on Ag(110) employing a molecular beam and the EEL spectrometer designed for his degree. In 1995 he worked as Post-Doc in the group of Prof. D.A. King in the University of Cambridge (UK) and he performed microcalorimetric measurements of the heat of adsorption of several gases on Ni, Pt and Pd surfaces. From 1996 to 1999 he has been a University and INFM Post Doc in Genoa, working on several subjects including collision induced processes at surfaces and the physisorption of ethylene on Ag. In 1999, after working for a few months at Istituto Idrografico della Marina in Genova, he was appointed as University Researcher. In 2012 he has been appointed as Associate Professor of Condensed Matter Physics in the University of Genova.

L. Vattuone has given several talks at national and international conferences (17 as Invited speaker). He published more than 120 papers  (1 Nature, 1 Nature Communication, 3 Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 9 PRL,  2 JACS, 1 Surface Science Report, 1 Prog. Surf. Sci.) and is co-author of a scientific book in English.  Presently (May 2020) his h-index is 32. He is a member of the Editorial  Board of The Open Access Journal of Science and Technology  and of 4 Open and  referee for: Nature Photonics, Nature Communication, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B,  Journal of Chemical physics, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Angewandte Chemie International Edition,  ChemPhysChem, Catalysis Letters, Chemical Physics Letters, Surface Science.

L. Vattuone has been co-director of the  40th Workshop (Vibrations at Surfaces 12, 2007) and of the 44th Workshop (Dynamical  Phenomena in low Dimensional Systems, 2008) at the International School of Solid State Physics  at Centro Ettore Majorana in Erice, he has also been a member of the Organizing Committee of ECOSS 26 (2009) and of ICSFS16 (2012) and  Guest Editor of their proceedings.

He has coordinated a PURS project of INFM, a joint British Council CRUI project and has been Local Coordinator of two PRIN projects. His latest works deal with chemisorption at surfaces with well defined defects, the adsorption of rotationally aligned molecules, the discovery of the acoustic surface plasmon, the self-assembling of molecules,  and finally with graphene chemistry.

He is involved in teaching activity for the degrees in in Material Science  and in Biomedical Engineer  as well as in the PhD School in Chemistry. He has taught /teaches General Physics, Solid State Physics, Surface Science and Physics of materials with Laboratory. He is presently Coordinator for the degrees in Material Science.


+39 010 353 6292 (laboratorio)
+39 010 353 6143 (studio)

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