Creare immaginando - Girls and boys put science into art

Art & Science across Italy is a project by the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and CERN, also funded by the European Community and MIUR, aimed at promoting scientific culture among young boys and girls, combining the languages of art and science: two instruments of knowledge among the highest expressions of human creativity.

The project's goal is to bring students closer to the world of science and research, regardless of their attitude towards scientific subjects and initial knowledge, using art as a language of communication.

INFN of Genoa has been participating in the project since 2018 along with DIFI (Department of Physics), DCCI (Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering), DIMA (Department of Mathematics), DISTAV (Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences), DIBRIS (Department of Computer Science, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering) of the University of Genoa, IIT, CNR-IMEM.

From Friday, April 12th to Wednesday, April 24th, it will be possible to visit the interactive exhibition "Imagining Creation", at the University Library of Genoa. The works created by the participating students from schools and some artworks from the CERN art collection will be exhibited.

The project will conclude in May in Naples with the national exhibition, scheduled at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN). The top five winners from each local exhibition will have access to the national exhibition.
A jury composed of scientists, art experts, and communication professionals will select the winning students who will be awarded during a special event to be held in May 2024. The prize at stake is a scholarship for a master's degree in art and science at CERN (September 2024), along with many other prizes to be awarded during the ceremony.

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