On November 21, 50 high school students from 7 schools in Liguria will delve into the mysteries of cosmic rays in Genoa. Organized with the support of the University of Genoa and the Genoa Section of INFN, the event is part of the International Cosmic Day (ICD).

Worldwide, over 1200 students will participate in ICD activities, both in person and online. Universities and INFN laboratories, including those in Bari, Catania, Cosenza, Ferrara, Florence, Genoa, Lecce, Milan, Naples, Padua, Pisa, Rome, Turin, and others, will collaborate in this initiative. The TIFPA in Trento and the National Laboratories of INFN in Frascati, Legnaro, and Gran Sasso will also participate, along with the GSSI Gran Sasso Science Institute.

ICD, born 12 years ago, is globally coordinated by the German research center DESY in Hamburg. In collaboration with INFN, Italian universities, and major research centers in particle physics such as CERN in Geneva and FERMILAB in Chicago, ICD aims to bring students closer to cutting-edge scientific research, exploring the secrets of the universe within cosmic rays.

At the Department of Physics laboratory, students will have the opportunity not only to learn new things and face the challenges of physics but also to experience the life of a researcher. They will have the chance to meet numerous researchers in person and share an entire day of work with them.

The OCRA project (Outreach Cosmic Ray Activities), an integral part of ICD, gathers INFN's educational and outreach activities on cosmic rays. With the goal of supporting teachers in involving students in cosmic ray physics, OCRA organizes various activities for schools and the community and is involved in the development and production of online tools designed for educational purposes.