First spectacular and detailed images of the universe sent by European space telescope Euclid

Never before has a telescope, whether space or ground-based, been able to create such sharp astronomical images over such a large area of sky and to look so far into the distant Universe. The role of our country was decisive, with contributions from the Italian Space Agency, INAF, INFN and several Italian universities.

La vista di Euclid dell'ammasso di galassie di Perseo
Euclid's view of the Perseus cluster of galaxies
La vista di Euclid della galassia a spirale IC 342
Euclid's view of spiral galaxy IC 342
Vista di Euclid della galassia irregolare NGC 6822
Euclid's view of irregular galaxy NGC 6822
Vista di Euclid dell'ammasso globulare NGC 6397
Euclid's view of globular cluster NGC 6397
La vista di Euclide della Nebulosa Testa di Cavallo
Euclid's view of the Horsehead Nebula

Credits: ESA