The ITk Master Thesis Award 2022 presented to Dr. Simone Ravera

Congratulations to Dr. Simone Ravera (Unige) for winning the ITk Master Thesis Award 2022, which recognizes the best dissertation with topic ITk, the new tracer of the ATLAS experiment at CERN that will go into operation in 2029 for the Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC) high luminosity program.

Il Dott. Simone Ravera durante la presentazione della sua  tesi alla cerimonia di premiazione durante l'ITk week, svoltasi al CERN la settimana del 6 Marzo 2023.
Dr. Simone Ravera during the presentation of his thesis at the awards ceremony during ITk week, held at CERN the week of March 6, 2023.
Il Dott. Simone Ravera riceve un modello in scala del futuro rivelatore.
Dr. Simone Ravera receives a scale model of the future detector, actually about 7m long and 2m in diameter.

Simone graduated from the University of Genoa in September 2022 doing his thesis in the INFN ATLAS group, with supervisors Dr. Claudia Gemme (INFN Genoa) and Dr. Alessandro Lapertosa (Unige and INFN Genoa).

In his thesis, Simone measured the radiation resistance of silicon pixel sensors built with 3D technology that will be placed within a few cm of HL-LHC collisions. The caraterization of these sensors was done partly in INFN laboratories at the Department of Physics and partly at CERN using particle beams. In particular, Simone measured the detection efficiency of these sensors before and after irradiating them with a dose of 10^16 neutrons/equivalent per square cm demonstrating their suitability to operate under the conditions required at HL-LHC. More details can be found in the thesis:

Efficienza dei sensori 3D irraggiati in funzione del voltaggio applicato, per particelle incidenti a differenti angoli di incidenza.
Efficiency of irradiated 3D sensors as a function of applied voltage, for particles incident at different angles of incidence.