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Virginia Vernocchi


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Research activity

My PhD project “Environmental and health effects of nanoparticles and bio-aerosol suspended in the atmosphere” has the purpose to study the chemical/physical behaviour of atmospheric nanoparticles to determine their impact on environment (i.e. air quality and climatic effects).

During the PhD time repeated analysis on nanoparticles (for example soot particles) are carried out in different atmospheric conditions to understand their properties, behaviours and impact in function of various parameters such as temperature, relative humidity and concentration of atmospheric gases or pollutants (SOx, NOx, CO/CO2, O3) or Primary Biologic Aerosol Particles (PBAP). Experiments are performed inside ChAMBRe (CHamber for Aerosol Modelling and Bio-aerosol Research), an atmospheric simulation chamber which allow studying atmospheric processes under realistic but controlled, both chemical and physical, conditions that could be maintained and monitored in real time for periods long enough to reproduce the realistic environments and to study interactions among their constituents.

PhD project funded by Regione Liguria (POR-FSE 2014-2020)


Pubblicazioni IRIS

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Main publications

Characterization of the MISG soot generator with an atmospheric simulation chamber

V. Vernocchi, M. Brunoldi, S. G. Danelli, F. Parodi, P. Prati, and D. Massabò, Atmos. Meas. Tech. (2022)

Comparative characterization of the performance of bio-aerosol nebulizers in connection with atmospheric simulation chambers

S. G. Danelli, M. Brunoldi, D. Massabò, F. Parodi, V. Vernocchi and P. Prati, Atmos. Meas. Tech. (2021)

Two-wavelength thermal-optical determination of Light Absorbing Carbon in atmospheric aerosols

D. Massabò, A. Altomari, V. Vernocchi, and P. Prati, Atmos. Meas. Tech. (2019)