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Research activity

Since joining the LHCb collaboration for my PhD I have been involved in different activities concerning data analysis and detector development for future upgrades.
I am currently working on the development of the detector control system (DCS) for the upgrade (Upgrade I) of the Ring Imaging Cherenkov (RICH) detector.
The new detector will have to be operational in 2021 for the start of a new data taking period.
The RICH is used to identify the charged final state hadrons that originate from the decays of mesons and baryons containing heavy quarks.
The main topic of my analysis is the search for CP violation in B mesons decays to charmless baryonic final states using triple product asymmetries. Asymmetries in the triple products of final-state momenta are expected to be sensitive to new physics and the rich resonant structure in B mesons four-body decays may further enhance the sensitivity to CP violation.
I am also involved in a study to asses the feasibility of a SiPM-based readout system for a possible second upgrade (Upgrade II) of the LHCb RICH detectors during the HL-LHC phase (2027).


Pubblicazioni IRIS

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Main publications

Search for CP violation in Ξ+ c ! pK−π+ decays using model-independent techniques

Study of the 2(3823) and χc1(3872) states in B+ ! (J π+π−) K+ decays

Study of the lineshape of the χc1(3872) state

Search for new physics in CP violation with beauty and charm decays at LHCb