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Andrea Traverso



Research activity

In 2018, from a collaboration between CNR-SPIN, Genoa and Milan sections of INFN and the University of Bologna, born the project BISCOTTO, which is related to my Ph.D. project. BISCOTTO’s general aim is the development of key technologies to be involved in the design and construction of a superconducting Canted Cosine Theta solenoid using HTS conductors. Moreover, there are several important motivations and interesting application fields for this kind of magnet, like particle physics or medical or electrical applications, and the development of a canted cosine theta (CCT) solenoids based on HTS conductors would open new horizons in those areas.
In particular, my research is made of two different activities:

  • R&D of Bi-2212 wires, performed at CNR-Spin with the group lead by Dr. Malagoli
  • the development of finite element codes, done with the INFN group lead by Dr. Fabbricatore.

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