First Schools of Education Poles at Dipartimento di Fisica UniGe

The launch of the first cluster schools hosted by Dipartimento di Fisica UniGe

The first 3 National Schools aimed at secondary school teachers kick off. The King Institute and Odero Institute, together with the UniGe Department of Physics, and in collaboration with AIF (Association for the Teaching of Physics) and Nuvie, are offering teachers thoughtful and innovative training corroborated by multiple activities.

Topics will include physical computing, robotics, AI, and IoT, with the aim of providing participants with the skills needed to integrate these experiences into their lessons in order to enrich students' learning and stimulate their interest in science and technology.  

The IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) supports these activities of the Schools by offering the opportunity to visit its laboratories and showing the latest innovations produced in the field of scientific and technological research.   
Participation in the Schools is free of charge; you can register through the Scuola Futura platform for individual Schools.