Compliance with COVID anti-tampering measures

In view of the return of staff and the gradual return of lessons and examinations to presence, we would remind you of the need to scrupulously observe

  • of the following basic provisions
    1. access to university buildings only with a green pass;
    2. obligation to measure body temperature;
    3. for university staff: the obligation to follow the tracking instructions issued by the management;
    4. for students: obligation to reserve a seat;
  • the prohibition to enter the premises of the University of Genoa if the following conditions exist
    1. fever over 37.5° or other symptoms of acute flu-like respiratory infection or other symptoms compatible with COVID-19;
    2. currently undergoing quarantine or fiduciary home isolation with health surveillance in accordance with the regulations in force;
    3. have had, to the best of their knowledge, close contact with confirmed or suspected cases in the preceding 14 days;
  • the following basic hygiene and sanitary measures:
    1. use respiratory protective equipment (surgical mask or other device providing superior protection) in all indoor places;
    2. teachers must also wear a surgical mask during class;
    3. observe hand hygiene rules by following the instructions in the information notice published at:

Please also note that the updated documentation is available at the following address: