Search for Majorana neutrinos exploiting millikelvin cryogenics with CUORE

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Alice Campani


Are neutrinos their own antiparticles? What is their mass scale? What is the origin of the Universe matter-antimatter asymmetry? Neutrinoless double beta decay (0𝜈𝛽𝛽) is a lepton number violating process that could answer these questions. Current limits on the half-life for such decay far exceed the age of the Universe: its rarity poses major challenges on the experimental search to reach high sensitivity. After a brief overview on the historical landscape of 0𝜈𝛽𝛽 decay in connection with neutrino physics, we highlight gains and losses of the leading experimental techniques in this field. The aim of this seminar is to discuss the challenges faced and milestones achieved with cryogenic calorimeters by the CUORE collaboration. CUORE is steadily taking data underground at the LNGS, searching for 0𝜈𝛽𝛽 in 130Te. With the successful operation of nearly a thousand TeO2 crystals chilled to within a hair of absolute zero, CUORE has paved the way to multi-year acquisition campaigns with tonne-scale cryogenic detectors in extremely low radiation environments. We present the results recently published on Nature, highlighting the major improvements in the data analysis. Finally, we discuss the future detector upgrade, CUPID, with scintillating crystals. The simultaneous detection of heat and light allows particle identification thereby improving the experimental sensitivity.

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