AdS/CFT correspondence and applications

Research area

Theoretical physics of fundamental interactions


AdS/CFT is a conjectured duality between certain strongly coupled regimes of ordinary quantum field theories and classical (i.e. weakly coupled) theories of gravity in at least one higher dimension. It is a new and extremely interesting tool to map difficult quantum field theory problems into easier classical gravitational ones.

The goal of the thesis is to use AdS/CFT techniques to tackle unresolved issues of strongly coupled effective field theories in which space-time symmetries are spontaneously broken. Attention will be paind in the application of the results obtained to the analysis of strongly coupled condensed matter systems.

In doing so the students is required to study topics of Quantum Field Theory, General Relativity, String Theory, and eventually condensed matter. All the topics will be discussed with the supervisor. Please contact me to discuss more details about a specific prohject in this direction.