Riccardo Marongiu

PhD student
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Riccardo Marongiu

Research activity

My research is based on optical microscopy applied to the field of biophysics. In particular, I develop label-free polarization-based imaging techniques. The methodology is based on Mueller Matrix formalism, which allows to analyze all possible polarization interactions of light with a sample. I use this technique to study the conformation of chromatin-DNA in situ.

Main publications

Circular intensity differential scattering (CIDS) scanning microscopy to image chromatin-DNA nuclear organization

A. Le Gratiet, L. Pesce, M. Oneto, R. Marongiu, G. Zanini, P. Bianchini and A. Diaspro, OSA Contin., vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 1068–1078, 2018.

ExCIDS: a combined approach coupling Expansion Microscopy (ExM) and Circular Intensity Differential Scattering (CIDS) for chromatin-DNA imaging

R. Marongiu, A. Le Gratiet, L. Pesce, P. Bianchini and A. Diaspro, OSA Contin., accepted for publication