Muhammad Waseem Ashraf

PhD student
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Muhammad Waseem Ashraf

Research activity

My research project is to know about chromatin organization. I have been using one label-free no-invasive microscopy technique that is based on the polarized light scattering to study chromatin organization.
When the polarized light interact with some sample, measuring the scattered light we can infer about the size, shape, dichroism and other structural properties of that sample. The 16-element Mueller-matrix is the mathematical tool that demonstrates all polarization properties of scattering samples. The different elements of MM demonstrate different polarization properties of the samples. My focus is to use and develop new computational models to extract information from Mueller matrix about the scattering sample.

Main publications

Modellazione del DNA della cromatina mediante dispersione della luce polarizzata

M.W. Ashraf, A. Le Gratiet, R. Marongiu, A. Diaspro, Biophysical Journal, 118 (3) 136a · febbraio 2020.

Sulla mappatura della dispersione dei coni simili a Dirac in cristalli fotonici dielettrici su un mezzo di indice zero efficace

M. W. Ashraf e M. Faryad, "", Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 33 (6) giugno 2016.