Luca Paganin

PhD student
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Luca Paganin


Research activity

My research falls within the context of the Euclid (see the link to our website), an ESA space mission which aims to set major constraints on various cosmological parameters, for example the parameters of the Dark Energy equation of state. With this aim, Euclid will use two complementary instruments: VIS, which will measure weak lensing of the galaxies, and NISP, which will measure the clustering of galaxies by providing precise estimates of the redshift of the galaxies themselves. In the first year of my PhD I dedicated myself to performing simulations of the images which will be acquired by NISP. I had a leading role in developing a code for the whole collaboration: in particular I aided the validation of the Euclid official astronomic
spectroscopic data reduction software.

Now I am starting to work on a bayesian analysis in order to forecast the sensitivity of Euclid to cosmological parameters, such as the dark energy equation of state parameters, in particular studying the information gain obtained by including in the forecast the crosscorrelation between the photometric and the spectroscopic galaxy samples.

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