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My research activity moves within the realization of the ESA’s mission Athena (Advanced Telescope for High Energy Astrophysics). The telescope will go beyond the Chandra and XMM-Newton missions in the X-Ray universe observations.  Some of the scientific goals are: the study of the Universe by measurements of the baryonic matter evolution observing super-massive black holes at the center of galaxies (AGN), the study of the Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium (WHIM), as well as the observation of energetic compact objects like Black holes, Neutron Stars and Gamma ray burst, with the possibility of multimessenger physics with Gravitational Waves and Neutrinos. In particular I’m involved, together with the LTD group of the University of Genova and the INAF group in Rome, in the development of the anticoincidence detector of the high spectral resolution instrument (X-IFU, 2eV at 6keV) that will work closely to the main detector developed by NASA. Our work is fundamental because without the anticoincidence detector it will be impossible to disentangle the far and faint sources from cosmic background. The innovativeness of the project is given by the TES superconducting technology on a space mission.

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Main publications

The Phonon-Mediated TES Cosmic Ray Detector for Focal Plane of ATHENA X-Ray Telescope

M. Biasotti, C. Boragno, L. Ferrari Barusso, F. Gatti, D. Grosso, M. Rigano, B. Siri, C. Macculi, M. D’Andrea & L. Piro, Journal of Low Temperature Physics 199, 225–230 (2020)

The Demonstration Model of the ATHENA X-IFU Cryogenic AntiCoincidence Detector

M. D'Andrea, C. Macculi, G. Torrioli, A. Argan, D. Brienza, S. Lotti, G. Minervini, L. Piro, M. Biasotti, L. Ferrari Barusso et al., Journal of Low Temperature Physics 199, 65–72 (2020)

The Cryogenic AntiCoincidence Detector for ATHENA X-IFU: The Project Status

C. Macculi, A. Argan, D. Brienza, M. D’Andrea, S. Lotti, G. Minervini, L. Piro, M. Biasotti, L. Ferrari Barusso, F. Gatti et al., Journal of Low Temperature Physics 199, 416–424 (2020)