Filippo Levi

PhD student
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Filippo Levi


Research activity

I am involved in the research activities of the Genoa section of the INFN. In particular, I deal with superconducting magnets for particle accelerators, studying both structural and mechanical aspects, as well as field quality and protection from quenches. The main tool I use in my research is the finite element calculation, through software such as Roxie, Ansys, Comsol or Opera. The projects in which I am currently involved are mainly two:

  • High Luminosity-LHC, in which I am taking part in the realization of the D2 separation and recombination dipole for the convergence of the LHC particle beam to the interaction point.
  • FalconD, which is a project that studies the 16 Tesla dipole for the curvature of the beam for the Future Circular Collider which includes the creation of a prototype with intermediate performances.

Main publications

The Superconducting Separation Dipoles MBRD for the High Luminosity Upgrade of LHC: From Short Model to Prototype

Andrea Bersani, Barbara Caiffi, Roberto Cereseto, Pasquale Fabbricatore, Stefania Farinon, Arnaud P. Foussat, Oussama Id Bahmane, Filippo Levi, Thomas Sahner, Ezio Todesco, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (Volume: 29, Issue: 5, Aug.2019) DOI: 10.1109/TASC.2019.2900598