Beatrice D'angelo

PhD student
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Beatrice D'angelo

Research activity

My PhD thesis is dedicated to the study of the reduction of quantum noise in the gravitational wave interferometer Virgo (PI). My research activity is both experimental and theoretical, and it’s carried on in the laboratories of Virgo, Genoa, and Legnaro (LNL).
In Virgo, I work on quantum optics in two laboratories: one is located in the 1500W lab, and hosts a table-top experiment of broadband quantum noise reduction via Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) entanglement; the other one is the squeezing vacuum source (squeezer) already operating in Virgo.
In Genoa, I built up an optical setup in the laboratory L206. The primary scope is to test some devices which are meant to be exploited in the upcoming upgrade of the Virgo squeezer (as a part of the Advanced Virgo + experiment).
My main activity is related to the stray light analyses on the optical benches in Virgo via numerical simulations, which I perform both in Genoa and in Legnaro, working with the Virgo Padova group (L. Conti, G. Ciani, J. P. Zendri).


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