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Anna Rinaudo


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Research activity

I am a theoretical physicist interested in particle physics. My research is focused on the Phenomenology of the Stanard Model. In particular, I'm working on the resummation at small x. Trying to reach the precision needed to compare theoretical results with experimental data, one finds some issues. One of these is the presence of large logarithms in some regions of the phase space. They spoil the convergence of the perturbative series, the main tool used to make predictions for the observables. There are two regions when the logs become divergent: one when their argument becomes large (large x), and one when it is close to zero (small x). The way we use to solve this problem is the resummation. We try to find out the all-order structure of these logs, write it as a perturbative series and sum it. Doing this, we free the perturbative series of the observables from these dangerous contributions. My supervisors are Simone Marzani and Giovanni Ridolfi.

Research at DIFI