Alessandro Guida

PhD student
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Alessandro Guida




Research activity

My activity takes place within the framework of high energy particle physics, in particular I am working in the ATLAS collaboration, one of the experiments that operates using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN (Geneva). My research project focuses on precision measurement of Standard Model (SM) processes (the SM is the theoretical framework that describes the particle interactions). In particular I am involved in an analysis to measure the Drell Yan process, i.e. the lepton pair production in proton-proton collision, in extreme kinematic conditions of the final state. This project consists also in a work to improve the proton structure knowledge using Drell Yan measurements as input and performing the study using the
open-source QCD fit framework, ​xFitter​. My work is in collaboration with the DESY ATLAS group in Hamburg.