Alberta Trianni

PhD student
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Alberta Trianni

Research activity

This PhD project regards the implementation and application of ptychography as a label-free approach to study biological processes without the need of staining. Ptychography is a quantitative phase imaging technique that allows to recover the amplitude and phase values of the sample and the probe. A coherent illuminating beam (probe) and the specimen are moved with respect to one another following a sequential or random array of overlapping illuminated areas. For each illuminated area, the light transmitted from the sample is captured as a diffraction pattern on the detector. The diffraction patterns are then processed using a ptychographic algorithm; the most common is the extended ptychographic iterative engine (ePIE). Since one of the limitations of ptychography is the low achievable resolution, one of the goals of this project is to increase the lateral resolution by coupling this technique with structured illumination microscopy (SIM).