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Research activity

My main area of research is the theoretical condensed matter physics. In particular, I’m working on the new branch of quantum thermodynamics, focusing my study on quantum batteries (QBs), namely systems that, due to quantum correlations, allows to store energy with better performances compared to their classical counterpart. In this research field I have investigated different quantum models that can lead to realistic implementations of QBs, namely: independent two-level systems (TLSs) coupled to a classical external drive, leading to a remarkable advantage in the charging times of the QB, independent TLSs coupled to a thermal bath to study the effects of dissipation in the possibility to store energy and N TLSs coupled to a single cavity to
understand how the effects of interaction can improve the charging power of the QBs.

Main publications

Enhancing coherent energy transfer between quantum devices via a mediator

A. Crescente, D. Ferraro, M. Carrega, M. Sassetti, Physical Review Research, 4 (2022) 033216.

Advantages of two-photon processes in quantum batteries

A. Crescente, Il Nuovo Cimento 45 C, 6 (2022) 165.

Characterization of a Two-Photon Quantum Battery: Initial Conditions, Stability and Work Extraction

A. Delmonte, A. Crescente, M. Carrega, D. Ferraro, M. Sassetti, Entropy, 23 (2021) 612.

Ultrafast charging in a two-photon Dicke quantum battery

A. Crescente, M. Carrega, M. Sassetti, D. Ferraro, Physical Review B, 102 (2020) 245407.

Dissipative dynamics of an open quantum battery

M. Carrega, A. Crescente, D. Ferraro, M. Sassetti, New Journal of Physics, 22 (2020) 083085.

Charging and energy fluctuations of a driven quantum battery

A. Crescente, M. Carrega, M. Sassetti, D. Ferraro, New Journal of Physics, 22 (2020) 063057.