Probing the Standard Model limits at the ATLAS experiment: highlights of W and Z bosons precision measurements

Friday, June 15, 2018 - 14:30
Dipartimento di Fisica - Aula 500
Dr. Federico Sforza
Tufts University

Seminario di Fenomenologia delle Particelle Elementari

The measurement of Standard Model observables is a key element for the determination of the properties of Nature and, at the same time, a fundamental tool to improve future experimental searches and theoretical studies.
In this respect,  events with a leptonically decay massive vector bosons, W or Z, provide excellent probes of QCD and Electroweak dynamics and they are abundantly produced in proton-proton collision at the LHC.
This seminar will present highlights of the precision analyses involving a W or a Z boson in the final state at the ATLAS experiment.
Relevant examples that will be discussed are the measurements of W and Z boson inclusive and differential cross sections, able to strongly constraint the proton structure and to challenge state-of-the-art QCD predictions, and the precise determination of the W-boson mass, reaching an uncertainty of about 20 MeV.


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