Ion Channels and Synaptic Transmission

Our thoughts, emotions and relationship with the external world come from electric signals that are produced in our brain and from neuronal circuits that derive from those. All cell membranes, have ion channels endowed with specific selectivity and sensibility to intra- and extra-cellular messengers. Our research activity is focused on the study of ion channels properties in rat cerebellar granule cells in culture to understand their role in pathologies that affect the central nervous system.

This research uses electrical techniques as the patch clamp technique, through which it is possible to study the current activated by the channel opening, and optical techniques, such as fluorescence microscopy, which allows us, for example, to visualize variantions in concentration of vital ions after different stimulations. Currently, we are studying ion channels of neuronal membranes and their chemical messengers to test their modulation after stimulation with new synthethic benzodiazepine-molecules.