The Museum

Founded in 1991, the Museum hosts 276 scientific instruments from the ancient Physics Cabinet (1784-1911) and other 266 instruments from the former Institute of Physics (1911-1950).

They are related to all areas of classical physics, such as mechanics, optics, acoustics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics. The oldest instrument dates back to the late seventeenth century. Most of these scientific instruments have been used in various researches carried out by Genoese physicists since the end of '700.

There are also educational devices and some demonstrators. Many of these tools (187) are publicly shown in chronological and thematic order within 12 showcases located on the 6th and 7th floors of the Department of Physics. The Museum is open to the public by appointment only, and is still used for university teaching and for special classes offered to high and middle school pupils.

Elettromagnete utilizzato da Michele Alberto Bancalari, quando, nel 1846, ha scoperto a Genova il diamagnetismo dei gas (anticipando Faraday che stava affrontando lo stesso problema)

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